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Beyond Color Match

The Retail Color System II

Painted Concrete

The Revolution in Retail Paint – RCSII

Data-Driven Performance. Improved System Up-Time. Fleet Location Connectivity.

The Retail Color System II (RCSII) represents the next generation of retail paint. With color match as the foundation, RCSII measures uptime and ensures equipment is properly maintained while reducing mis-tints, increasing profits and providing data-driven feedback.

The system links together the entire paint center, then measures and analyzes system operations for efficiency and cost-savings.

Driven by You

The system was developed based
on a year-long research project
where we observed, listened and
interviewed over 100 retail paint
locations. We heard your challenges
and developed the RCS II System to
reduce and eliminate those challenges,
but to also provide a new, data-driven
approach to operational excellence.

Operational Analytics & Connectivity

Real-Time Metrics. Improved Up-Time.

The RCSII provides a host of metrics through an easy-to-read secure dashboard for store managers, regional managers and leadership. Every function is measured and reported to better understand fleet and individual store operations. The most popular bases are tracked as well as colorant cost and usage just to name a few. Our data analytics provide value to many facets of an organization – from store managers, inventory personnel and operations to product marketing, marketing communications, finance and leadership – customized for individual needs with the Paint Brain being the central hub for all paint center operations.

Paint Brain3 copy.jpg

The Retail Color System II

Comprised of The Paint Brain, auto-match II software and auto-match III spectrophotometer, the RCS II system is your complete paint center operation. Also offered if you're in need of a dispenser and shaker is our Paint Center ONE program – combined 27% less than individual pieces.

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